Earth Milk Moon logo, a woman, moon and a plant.

A Women’s Health Collective

Re-creating a modern village by empowering and educating Women to make informed health care decisions based on research, traditional wisdom and intuition.

Earth Milk Moon was consciously created with the intention of supporting woman and their partners through the physical, emotional and spiritual transitions that come with conception, birth and parenthood. Our method is grounded in teaching and encouraging women to connect to their intuition through evidence based education, empowerment and connection to their foundations of culture and spirituality. Guided by experienced and specialty trained Registered Nurses, an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant and a Licensed Counselor, our focus is on helping women stay connected, informed and conscious from conception to pregnancy, postpartum, miscarriages, loss, adoption and all experiences in between. We recognize that life shifts can feel lonely and we believe in the power of support. We work to instill in you the knowledge and connection to your intuition that you need when it comes to navigating the complex healthcare system and the transition into motherhood.

Earth Milk Moon was intentionally created by a Registered Nurse & International Board Certified Lactation Consultant.